Mockery of the Fanatic

by Temblad

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Art and logo by Sebastian Mazuera.


released August 2, 2011

Lorenzo Kemp - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Marlon Matthew - Drums, Background Vocals

Composed by Lorenzo Kemp
Lyrics written by Lorenzo Kemp and Marlon Matthew
Recorded at Grindzik
Produced by Lorenzo Kemp and Marlon Matthew
Engineered by Lorenzo Kemp
Mastered by Ed Talorda

"This is perfect music for repeatedly punching someone in the face, ritual sacrifice or preparing to jump out of a speeding plane into a volcano."
- Scott McDonald (San Diego CityBeat)

"Caught somewhere between thrash, grindcore, and dizzying death metal, Temblad is the sound of a fever dream right before running to the bathroom to vomit. It is awesome."
- Kaptain Carbon (

"...full of pure, raw energy that hasn't been heard since the early days of thrash."
- Kevin Wierzbicki (

"If you name your band after the imperative mood of the Spanish verb "Tremble" you better back it up with some appropriate music. Fortunately, these guys from San Diego, USA, proved themselves worthy of their name with their brand of aggressive thrash combined with grind, death and groove flavours."
- Mr. Doctor (

"...after prolonged listening blood starts to shoot out from my eyes and ears. And let me tell ya from experience blood is hard to clean up. TEMBLAD must know all about that since to practice intense music at this level of technical proficiency must leave their hands bloody."

"...proving yet again that the underground is a mighty and prevalent force that will continue to grow into a monster that can no longer be contained."
- Dan McGarry (

"...barrages the listener with well executed style combinations and pure adrenaline with a commanding force backing it up."
- Apoch's Metal Review (



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Temblad San Diego, California

Temblad... to tremble. San Diego Extreme Metal Lorenzo Kemp - Vocals, Guitar. Marlon Matthew - Drums. Formed in 2010.

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Track Name: Paralytic


Stroke, trauma, lateral sclerosis
Botulism, Spina bifida, carbonization of the spinal chord
Blood clots and neurotoxins devoured by larvae
Anemic stillborn, unnatural birth

Mitochondrion associate with endoplasmic reticulum
Transverse into the matrix of your soul's exulxeration

Last I saw he was barefoot
Severed his sole and trailed through
Bloodied and famished
To his last misfortune
Begging on his knees

To the rats he once led
To get a lift on their backs

And drag him into the hole
To the other side of hell
Where there's no longer fire
And heaven is no longer paradise
Where death is no longer human
And love no longer vindicate perdition
Reciprocate in fear as seism and flood
To bloom as a flower of fire

Paraplegic in extremis
The bridge of fear opens wide
Neuro prostheses filtrates the visual cortex
Vitriolic fertilizer of chemical synthesis
Hallucinate, deprecate, suffocate
Dissociate, subordinate, deviate
Excoriate, divaricate, trepidate
Castrate, humiliate, consummate

Arachnoid matter
Drains the underlying neural tissue
Abnormal collection of tormented scenarios
Vistas of nascent bleak suffering

Deeper down into the fall out
Follow the guidelines
Damnation's course
Solidity is failure
Inquisition draws near

Track Name: Stratageddon


Hate-ridden feedings radiate into the levity of man's demise
Revolts the almighty poison eye
Upon the rubble of maggots
Embrace this offering
Hateful orchard paths lay with affliction at my stride
Vomit the supplication in serene viral turmoil

Surrender the bastion of your inner sanctum

Gestate in this rancid offspring
Dispread as fungi, slime and rot

And none shall be spared under my name
And the ways of my aeonic brood

Revel in rapture of this ageless epoch
Gradually endure the transubstantiation
None born right wise
Grime of the earth
In encapsulated millenia we are reborn
A resurrection radiating, glaring, awaken
Reach out to misery
In the shadows of grief
Serenade your flesh with all that is obscene
Take a chance on perversity
Daydream in the ecstasy of sin
Take a chance, daydream of perversity

Abandon the corporeal shell
Commune with the dead
Learn their reality - your reality
A paragon duality
Malignant dwelling within the body
Mad laughter storms across the seas

The prodigal children enslaved in ennui

Emerging slothish
Like a moloch
Calibrator of gradual discipline

Track Name: Winter


Snow screens the blood gilded spires
Tides lapse through the desolation
Cold seeks this despondent prison
Vexation of the spirit, trapped here in solstice

Apathy strips the walls
Equinox come again
Ubiquitous paroxysm
Styx erupts from my skin

I cant walk and i cant talk and
I cant speak and i cant think and

I can still see the sun
Horizons past the pain
Within this sacred chamber
Illuminations used in vain

Tumbling though the banal presence...

Trudging through this endless quagmire
Sinking with every step so dire
I'm enslaved within my own escape
Sickness is what has transpired
Rise above or else i expire

And i will press on...

Rays kiss the ivory towers
Concession to tonatiuh
Heat finds this spirited abode
Melts away all the vile strain, evaporate and become sane

Prepare for the second coming
You can't stop transcendent effort
I will crush your feeble wisdom
Hear my roar across the land

Track Name: Mockery of the Fanatic


Dreadful habitat, warring nests
Dominance of the opposition
Mockery of the fanatic

Dehumanized through subversion of the holy words
Transcend in perdition
Attain the fabled condemnation
Inherit the atheistic propitiation

Crown the chaos of the universe
As absolute of all fates
Faithfully disintegrate
Delusions of the Sinai
Asymmetrically to time
Earth snuffed by sudden chance
Leaving no trace of God behind

Within the creation of it all
I quest into the primordial nothingness
To dissolve the symmetry of the paradox
Of time and matter annihilation
Lucid abandonment of all guilt
As mother universe looks through me
Translucent dark matter

God of Opposition