by Temblad

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released April 26, 2016

Extreme metal from San Diego, CA. Released April 26, 2016.
Lorenzo Kemp- Vocals, Guitars. Marlon Matthew- Drums, Vocals.

Drums recorded at Phaser Control Recording Studio, San Diego, 2015. Engineer - Patrick Heaney. Co-engineer - Marshall Wilcoxson. Guitars and vocals recorded at Grindzik, San Diego, 2015-2016. Engineer - Thysempiternus

Mixed and mastered by Niko Hyvönen at NH, Oulu, Finland, 2016.

Produced by Temblad.

Cover art by Sebastian Mazuera.



all rights reserved


Temblad San Diego, California

Temblad... to tremble. San Diego Extreme Metal Lorenzo Kemp - Vocals, Guitar. Marlon Matthew - Drums. Formed in 2010.

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Track Name: Caress the Rabid
Enter into this journey of peril
Soothsayer of divinity
Denounced of judgement
The paragon deceiver has given to the rise

Immense meekness washes away

Never crown the boundaries yet exhausted
Bring forth their consummation

Caressing the rabid
Embracing the ills
A latitudinarian so livid, so livid

Immersed in dire moments of clarity
Cloaked in the pride and tragedy
Below is breach aloft as above
Betwixt the blessing beyond
It slips devoid

Bracts umbel the stems bisect
Feathery cyme
In a clustered shift
Fluted ripening
Deprive wings to bloom
Track Name: The Murderous Fifth
Obsidian sunset
Over the neolithic age
Descends into the cradle of civilization
The land of two rivers
Ebla destroyed
Argon of Baal

In excelsis letum

Dynasty of the Babylonian rule
Kinship of Assyria
Arrows of misfortune
Striken those once loyal
To an inhuman code of submissiveness

Sunrise over the Euphrates
Modern day self-immolators
Renounce authoritarian peace
Sands of Assyria quake and bury
The ancient ways
Of a totalitarian rule

From Egypt to Syria- Of Horus and Baal
Those male, these feminine ones, to soil my dominion

Certainly Allah love those who fight in his way
For they will be made victorious with terror

Exalt this crusade to
End their damnation
Hell-fire embrace their offspring

In excelsis letum

To the vicissitudes of their faiths
So shall it be the murderous fifth

Predation and parasitism
Centered on this land and its pain
My right eye punctured
And the left eye raised to my forehead
Sparkling like a star above the mount of Kur
To commence the channeling
Of the blackest energies Into zones of piety and prayer
Track Name: Stratageddon
Hate-ridden feedings
Radiate in the levity of man’s demise
Revolts the almighty poison eye
Upon the rubble of maggots circumscribe

Embrace this offering
Hateful orchard paths lay
With affliction at my stride

Vomit the supplication
In serene viral turmoil

Surrender the bastion
Of your inner sanctum

Gestate in this rancid offering
Dispread as fungi, slime and rot
And none shall be spared under my name
And the ways of my aeonic brood

Revel in rapture on this ageless epoch
Gradually endure the transubstantiation
None born right-wise
Grime of the earth
In encapsulated millennia we are reborn
A resurrection radiating, glaring, awaken
Reach out to misery
In the shadows of grief
Serenade your flesh with all that is obscene
Take a chance on perversity
Daydream in the ecstasy of sin
Take a chance, daydream of perversity

Abandon the corporeal shell
Commune with the dead
Learn their reality - your reality
A paragon duality
Malignant dwelling within the body
Mad laughter storms across the seas

The prodigal children
Enslaved in ennui

Emerging slothish
Like a Moloch
Calibrators of gradual discipline
Track Name: Paralytic
Storm, trauma
A lateral residency
Of exoteric zealotries
Coalescing into the spiral void
Vortex canonization
Snakes tongues spit blood-stained lies
Abnegators of vision, reason and nihilism

Mitochondrion associate with endoplasmic reticulum
Transverse into the matrix of your soul's exulceration

Last I saw he was barefoot
Severed his soul and trailed through
Bloodied and famished
To his last misfortune
Begging on his knees

To the rats he once led
To get a lift on their backs
And drag him into the hole
To the other side of hell
Where there is no longer fire
And heaven's no longer paradise
Where death is no longer human
And love no longer vindicates perdition
Reciprocate in fear as a flood
To bloom as a flower of fire

Paraplegic in extremis
The bridge of fear opens wide
Neuro-prostheses filtrates the visual cortex
Vitriolic fertilizer of chemical synthesis

Hallucinate, deprecate, suffocate
Dissociate, subordinate, deviate
Excoriate, divaricate, trepidate
Castrate, humiliate, consummate

Arachnoid mater
Drains the underlying neural tissue
Abnormal collection of tormented scenarios
Vistas of nascent bleak suffering

Deeper down into the fallout
Follow the guidelines
Damnation's course

Solidity is failure
Inquisition draws near
Track Name: Ship Of Traitors
Chalice of libation
Risen high upon the warnings of the fate
As the muck worm quakes through
The nadirs of redemption

Coiling the epicenter in retaliation
Slithering words
Twisted and tangled
Unequivocal shift into the irreversible

Severs the aorta of Hades
Bleeding fiendish to bask in this
Overt and transcendental ceremony

As within, so without
Hear the whispers
Never cease to mistrust
The flattery and adulation

Baptized in the sacred lysergic lakes of immmortality
Forbidden to all but vanity
Unveil the delusional celestial net
At the tribunal of self-worth
Will you hang your will over yourself as law?

Reach the verdict- Condemned to suffer for the many
Forced to wander into a dreary mental coast
Board that ship of traitors and sail away into the sea of loss

Vigil of Charon
Gracefully collapse into anew
Existence outside of time
Schisms of rebirth, immortality and renewal
Track Name: Seeding Derision
By the thickest strand
Of lies succumb
Precipitate derision
Scourging the jest of their spinelessness

Cowardly and deceptively
Self subjugated (by motleys they're)
Exerted pathetic
Deracinate their rite of passage
Gape an even wider wound
Bleeding your sanity to a fritz

Overthrown in side-stages
Lethargically stripped to their pathos

As a modern day sinner
You've gathered for the liturgy
Amidst the negated
Seeding derision

Exerted pathetic
Deracinate your rite of passage
Bleeding your sanity to a fritz
Gape an even wider wound

By the thinnest
Strand of lies
You've succumbed
Track Name: Macrocosm Of Torture
Thrown into this world
Master planned
Humanity's depravity
Black hole of iniquity

Inverted progression
A mind rot of absoluteness
Vociferous overture
Innate venomous infliction

Macrocosm of torture
Pungent cesspool of life
Arise in putrescence
Fist-fucked the angel of death

Marvel at the glacial bleeding
A worthless human life
The pendulum of terror swings
As your time and flesh
Are stretched out beyond this dimension

Madness immense
Lays the lich
Deciphering instincts
Terror spawn withering
Depicts terra nova into denigration

Monarch of cataclysmic awakening
A talismanic ripped trachea
Held up high as design of corporeal rapture

Sinister cell of wrath
I behead you through the portals
of infernal death
Spiraling back to life in torment
In pestilent black blooded
Oceans of insanity
I rebury you to be reborn
as a putrid seed that germinates
deep inside this hell of a world
That again and again you crawl

In a garden of flesh unfold the maelstrom
possessed by a sadistic unholy contempt

Encircle the sheep
Gorge in their eyes-their fucking blindness
Their imploring soars in doom

Of what it is you will come to be:
A voodoo messiah - now stab your own heart
bring utter consummation to the herd
Track Name: Hibernus
Snow screens the blood gilded spires
Tides lapse through the desolation
Cold seeks this despondent prison
Vexation of the spirit, trapped here in solstice

Apathy strips the walls
Equinox come again
Ubiquitous paroxysm
Styx erupts from my skin

I can't walk, can't talk
and I can't speak and I can't think and...

I can still see the sun
Horizons past the pain
Within this sacred chamber
Illuminations used in vain

Tumbling though the banal presence

Trudging through this endless quagmire
Sinking with every step so dire
I'm enslaved within my own escape
Sickness is what has transpired
Rise above or else I expire
And I will press on

Rays kiss the ivory tower
Concession to Tonatiuh
Heat finds this spirited abode
Melts away all the vile strain, evaporate and become sane

Prepare now, the second coming
You can't stop transcendent effort
I will crush your feeble wisdom
Hereby as law across the land
Track Name: Unfathom
The frail and meek entrenched in an endless horizon bleak
The visage of lies speaks poison

Weakness prevails above any sense of will
No middle ground in this sphere
Amongst the swarm of apathy
Through perfect diamond eyes
Immaculate symmetry takes control

Bearing the instrument of dominance
Flaying pervious skin

Injecting disdain
Infecting essence
Come precipitate
In the wake of the truth the mirage slowly fades

Relinquishing an oasis in the mind
Temptations extinguish all thought benign
Carnal treasures surround yet couldn't find
Any hope for the promise of a tranquil sunrise

All I can see is the scorn in your stare
All I can feel is the thorn in your tear

Ripping away at the fabric of integrity
Dissipating the sparks within a fleeting moment
Your skin folds back

Malleable to the suggestion of heavenly desire
The charred steppe quakes in widespread fire

Spewing blood from your deceit
Kneel before the visage
Knees quivering inside the looming shadows

Ready to be the recipient of the lashing
The flagellation
Track Name: Mockery Of The Fanatic
Dreadful habitat
Warring nests
Dominance of the opposition
Mockery of the fanatic

Dehumanized through subversion
Of the holy words
Transcend in perdition
Attain the fabled condemnation
Inherit the atheistic propitiation

Crown the chaos of the universe
As absolute of all fates
Faithfully disintegrate
Delusions of the Sinai
Asymmetrically to time
Earth snuffed by sudden chance
Leaving no trace of god behind

Within the creation of it all
I quest into the primordial nothingness
To dissolve the symmetry of the paradox
Of time and matter annihilation
Lucid abandonment of all guilt
As mother universe looks through me
Consciousness - translucent dark matter

God of opposition
Track Name: There Is Nothing Without Hate First
I have sworn to exhale in sacrifice your breath
And to descend in bellicose rape
I invoke my hate with pride
Eye for an eye
Vengeance is mine I must profane your soul with my sole

Wreathed forehead
With olives of peace
The archangel fatal
Breathes the sky
in eternal blasphemy

And you shall fear me
Inside the sacred time
beneath the blackened skies
that loom with death
to end your world

A black-hearted bloodshed I witness
Throbbing with passion, with scorn
My mind is scorched with lucidity
And glory, not death is found
The chasms of woe
Embrace your heaven of fools
I have shaken earth's core
And pierced the scars
Of these realms atrophied

And you shall fear me
Inside the sacred time
beneath the blackened skies
that loom with death

I'm the fearless leader
My laurels of triumph
Will always shade me
If the memory
Of ancient deeds must remain
Laurels on my forehead
will adorn my immortality

Nothing is without hate first
And nothing from the ashes
has ever risen
Track Name: Obtest The Abjuration
I will hasten by the direct road
To the realm of the waters
To walk into the sea
Every day up to my neck
As a token of my desire
To cross the river of Styx
And if I fail in all of this
Then peril shall be my lot

My salvation will not be merited
By works and all doctrines in affirmation
I do abjure and renounce
Without any equivocation
Mental reservation or secret evasion whatsoever
Take the words by me spoken
According the common and usual meaning of them

I do abjure and renounce
All supremacy and authority
Over myself to never again transubstantiate
Dreaming and dying
Living and awakening
From everything and nothing
Given to the light and to the darkness
Respectively weighted to obtest
The magnitude of my freedom sovereignty
Track Name: Geist
Everlasting procession of discovery
Vehemently adherent to the impossible contradiction
Universally scorned

Inheres the complexity of this maxim
Its principle undermines the essence of existence

Spirit-mind, anima
Instinctual drives of the unconscious
Full-blown super ego
The apotheosis of personality

Delusional atmospheres
Intuition arises
Accosted by entities
Fluctuating through time
Architectural terror structures
Found within the elemental being
Coursing venal panic chemicals
Open eyes confront the paradigm
Time irrelative, subliminal movements
Void, solo object, static, eterne

The geist of time incubates your mind
Like a bullet exploding through the fear lobe

Separated from the body
In shamanic providence
Habitual to host the daemon
Constitutional to the shedding
Of the innermost
Vector of divergence
The quintessential baphomet

Assimilated, circumscribed,
Exorcised to attain
The desquemation through the highest expiation of absolution

Susceptible to countless rebirths
The black soil is drenched in the bile of the sortilege

Hematophagous cocoon
Suckling Phobos
Vempyre of the sun
Kissing sulfur
blistering in scabs
Spiral of chrysanthemums
Seek with eyes blindfolded
Romancing the layers
of anguish within the skeletal nectar
Unbecoming empty in rot